Forget what you’ve heard… or what you remember… about Bingo. No blue hair, or balmy Floridian breeze. No eyeing your neighbor’s card suspiciously, wondering who will be the first to yell that silly word victoriously? Who will get the prize? This is Bingo brought to San Francisco standards. Its takes some smarts, its tech-savvy and every bingo wins a little something.

La Boulange Bingo takes our followers through the city and tests their trivia talents. And there are some sweet rewards to take home if you earn a bingo. (Think signed cookbooks for all bingos and a chance to win a Napa getaway.) So, if you are not following us on twitter, then perhaps this is a good time to start. We will be tweeting a trivia question daily (subjects range from San Francisco, Baking, France, and La Boulange) and players will visit a sequence of Boulanges to answer the question and earn a sticker for a square on their bingo card. Once you’ve visited the right combination of stores to fill a line on your card, then BINGO!

Find the full details by following the BINGO link on our website http://www.laboulangebakery.com/ (Rules will be posted as of March 1st and the game will last the entire month of March.)

And click here to follow us on twitter @laboulange

Study up! And leave your daubers at home.