Green is the New Blog

Green…the color of luck, the color of money, green with envy, a green thumb, Kermit the Frog, the sexy green m&m….all great reasons to be fond of being green, but we’re talking about the idea of lightening our carbon footprint, putting things in the right container (Blue? Green? Black?) and in general, using less…using only what we need...and prolonging the life of the planet.

In an attempt to carbon tip-toe, and hopefully set the example, we are upping the ante by becoming “green certified.” Our Cole Valley and Noe Valley stores have already passed the test. This title requires a little work up front and a process of approval, but once our stores come out on the other side, they are basically biodegradable. Not really, but close. We already recycle or compost almost everything. Our paper products and to-go containers are all ready for a green or blue bin, our light bulbs burn less energy, our toilets flush with less water, plastic to-go bags are a thing of the past. Behind the scenes, our checklists are laminated so they get wiped clean and used again and all of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Soon, the rest of our stores will be green certified, too.

When all is said and done, we hope that folks will see our efforts, appreciate and think about their own footprint, and pay it forward with their own habits, or look for other businesses that are making the same strides.