Go Long

So, with Superbowl Sunday fast approaching, we couldn’t help but try and think of ways to franco-fy what is probably one of the most American days of the year. “Football,” with players padded from head to foot, and as much commercial airtime as there is actual game-play, it’s tricky for ze French to wrap their brains around. However, it is also a day centered around getting together with friends and enjoying some good food and drink, which we can certainly get behind.

Enter….Le Superbowl…(let’s say it together….luh……soo-pearh.…bowl) Tres Bien! So we took our baguettes, made one loooong sandwich, and paired it with our house-seasoned chips and some Dame Blanche (petite cream puffs filled with whipped cream), which, let’s face it.........are a touchdown in anyone’s book.

So, whether it will be the Saints or the Colts for the win (we’re not choosing sides), we intend to be well fed and content watching the festivities in South Florida on a big screen somewhere. And like all of you, I’m sure, hoping that The Who does not suffer from any wardrobe malfunction.