Some Bunny is Coming

Is anyone else wondering what happened to March? Spring is upon us and we’re feeling thoroughly spoiled on sunshine, and Easter will be here any minute. And although this holiday is celebrated differently from person to person, the universal truth, let’s face it: we are in this for the food.

We’re not ashamed…..the second we sink our teeth into a hot cross bun filled with dried fruit and iced with sugary goodness, our taste buds are reborn and we know that all must be right in the world. Between those, and springy lemon tarts and a bunny cookie that can only be described as giant, we have all of the traditional standbys covered.

And if you feel like shunning tradition a little…if you are over the bunnies and past the plastic grass…a chocolate hen will nestle nicely with the pastel eggs in your basket.
So get excited…because there is no better feeling than the discovery of a basketful of sweet surprises hidden inside eggs left just for you, by a bunny…