Feeling Giant

We like to consider ourselves a worldly bunch. We travel to far off lands (like Danville and Novato) and we enjoy cuisines and beverages from all parts of the world (think Moroccan lamb stew, French wine and Belgian beer). We also pay tribute to globally cultural type things like the Actor’s Conservatory Theatre and the de Young museum’s current exhibition of masterpieces from the Musee d’Orsay. But this week, we are most excited about the worldly event happening in our backyard. The San Francisco Giants have landed a spot in the World Series, and you can bet that if we can get away, we’ll be parked under a plasma screen, biting our nails like the rest of you, watching it all happen.

So, San Francisco, grab something snazzy and rock the orange this week, learn some key phrases like “Fear the Beard” and GO GIANTS!