Two Wheels Will Get You There

Forget planes, trains and automobiles…one thing San Franciscans have figured out is that biking it is one of the best ways to get around the city. Between circling for parking and traffic, my cyclist friends usually beat me to the destination, plus they don’t get tickets and they have zero emissions. And then there’s that whole cool one pant leg rolled up look they get to sport. The only thing that might be better than riding the wiggle through San Francisco would be watching the pros do it through the French countryside…in the Tour de France.

Already well underway, this race through the mother country will cover a span of 3,642 kilometers (that’s 2,263 miles to you and me) and will test the strength and endurance of the best cyclists in the world. And you thought cycling up Filbert street was tough.

So, in honor of the Tour de France and all of our own cyclists right here in the bay…we’re offering a couple of sweet incentives for fueling up! On weekday mornings through July 16th, get a free latte when you purchase our breakfast special, the Country Egg Sandwich, and then the following week, Monday through Friday, through the end of the race, pick up one of our grab and go baguette sandwiches and we’ll give you a bag of our house-seasoned chips (both are a cinch to pack in your backpack). We’ll remind you on twitter, but all you have to do is show us your helmet to take part. Vive le Tour!