Last weekend, thousands of San Franciscans participated in the AIDSWalk. These folks, all together…walked and raised 3.5 million dollars to go to AIDS research and medical assistance for those affected. Très impressionnant, non?

As a city with one of the largest populations of people living with HIV/AIDS in the country, this is a cause that sits close to home for many of us. And since this city is our home too, La Boulange just had to have a team to help. Check out those smiling faces in the Boulange blue.

There seems to be an electricity in the air at events such as this where people get together and accomplish something, join a cause and make a difference. Heart rates go up, we get the warm fuzzies in our stomach, and last Sunday was no different. We had a great time contributing to the energy and to the fund.

We don’t just walk, though. In the interest of helping out close to home, once a month we get together and volunteer at a variety of organizations. So far this year, La Boulange has helped prepare and serve meals with Dinners with Grace, Ronald McDonald House, St. Anthony Foundation and the Raphael House. We get to be surrounded by food and friendly folks (two of our favorite things) and we have a blast in the process.

So cheers to everyone who contributed to the AIDS Walk this year. We had a lot of fun, and our feet are feeling better already.