Did You Hear the Drop of the Pin?

Situated on the sunny (well, usually) corner of Polk and Green streets, I’m perched in the window seat at La Boulange de Polk. I love coming to this location because in addition to the line-up of open-faced sandwiches and delectable viennoiserie, this Boulange has a full kitchen and beer and wine, which means that I can have frites with my lunch or a mimosa with my Sunday morning scramble. Très important. I also like the people watching quality of Polk street. There is always a great mix of San Franciscanites including men and women in suits, rushing to work, ladies who lunch with their pups on a leash, and folks in fitness gear who’ve just left Crunch and have earned their croissant bread pudding.

Outside my window seat, snuggled in next to the flower box and the patio seating, is a five foot tall sculpture of a pin from Google Maps. Google has launched a fun campaign called “My Favorite Places” to let anyone who might be wondering, or even passing by one of the picks, know that somebody who's somebody likes this place. The pin outside Polk, artfully depicting the Golden Gate Bridge, is the signature for a pick from Mayor Gavin Newsom.

“I grab a green tea from this Polk St. pastry shop almost every morning on my way to work,” says the mayor about our Boulange, and we couldn’t be happier. We like it there, too. And we are excited to be listed as ‘un endroit branché’ (a place to be) in San Francisco.