How do YOU think Green?

After almost of month of Earth Day awareness and thinking green, we are wondering what other folks are doing in this sunny, seven by seven city we love, to protect the planet and tread lightly. We’ve been posting our own planet preservation techniques, and thought it might be fun to hear from you about your favorite ways to think green.

Pick up a postcard in one of our stores and write down seven ways that you “think green” and pass it back to the staff. We’ll collect them all and the best postcard we get this week will win you four tickets to the San Francisco zoo, where we weeded and worked on our April volunteer project. Don’t worry…we did all of the dirty work already, so you get to just chill with the chimps and pass by the penguins.


Coffee, anyone?

As previously noted, we take our coffee very seriously around here. I mean, drinking a bowl full of anything takes some commitment…and it absolutely has to taste good. Enter our roaster, Equator Coffees. We love these guys because not only do they roast some seriously delicious beans, but they provide perk with some purpose. They are an eco-conscious, organic bunch of folks who also like to “think green.”

And since this month is all about thinking green, we’re teaming up to offer a special evening of coffee. David Pohl, Head Roaster and Associate Green Coffee buyer at Equator will guide us through a comparative tasting of single region coffees including those featured in our La Boulange French Roast. David will cover topics such as Equator's coffee sourcing philosophy, the flavor characteristics of different coffee processing methods and tips for brewing an excellent cup of coffee at home.

On Thursday, April 29th at 7pm at La Boulange de Hayes, join us! Treats will be provided as well! Space is limited to 30 people, please email emily@laboulangebakery.com to sign up.


We're Thinking Green

There are a few things that April has notoriety for:

Easter…that bunny is donezo.

Tax Day…for better or for worse.

April Showers…we’re really enjoying the sun, personally.

Earth Day… and here's where we get really excited. We love “thinking green” and work hard to make it a part of our daily routine. We've decided, in honor of Earth Day, to make the whole month a celebration at La Boulange and invite all of you to “think green” with us. We’re doing a green volunteer project at the zoo this weekend, getting our hands dirty with the horticulturists, while working with plant life in the different habitats. We’re hosting an organic coffee class and cupping with our super enviro-concious friends at Equator Estate Coffees & Teas. And our stores are decked out and stocked with fun “think green” action for kids and kids-at-heart. Check out our site to see details on all of the fun things we have going on all month www.laboulangebakery.com.

And we aren’t the only ones that are thinking green this month. San Francisco and its surroundings are full of all sorts of carbon-light action. A couple that we found include a wine tasting of organic and biodynamic wines at the Mandarin Oriental, a potting class for kids or a container garden workshop from the super stylish folks at Anthropologie, a line-up of Earthy good programming from KQED, and an awesome renewal day put on by California Parks for thousands of us to help together.

Are you green with envy yet? How will you be thinking green this month?