Coffee, anyone?

As previously noted, we take our coffee very seriously around here. I mean, drinking a bowl full of anything takes some commitment…and it absolutely has to taste good. Enter our roaster, Equator Coffees. We love these guys because not only do they roast some seriously delicious beans, but they provide perk with some purpose. They are an eco-conscious, organic bunch of folks who also like to “think green.”

And since this month is all about thinking green, we’re teaming up to offer a special evening of coffee. David Pohl, Head Roaster and Associate Green Coffee buyer at Equator will guide us through a comparative tasting of single region coffees including those featured in our La Boulange French Roast. David will cover topics such as Equator's coffee sourcing philosophy, the flavor characteristics of different coffee processing methods and tips for brewing an excellent cup of coffee at home.

On Thursday, April 29th at 7pm at La Boulange de Hayes, join us! Treats will be provided as well! Space is limited to 30 people, please email emily@laboulangebakery.com to sign up.