Getting ready to be festive...

This week I received an evite to a holiday party. I flipped to my calendar quickly, thinking…this host is on the ball…it’s so early! What? No…the party is less than three weeks away? Yes, it is already that time. I’m not sure how that’s possible. Baseball season just ended…that’s a summer sport, right?

Nevertheless, the holidays are among us and the entertaining portion of the year has begun. And if you are anything like me, then you have a full schedule of work and play already. Forget the time needed to figure out what you are going to wear to so and so’s ugly Christmas sweater party (good thing I saved mine from last year), or to plan, shop for and cook for your own party. Office pot-lucks, secret santa, travel plans, Thanksgiving…there are only 40 days of shopping left! Less, if you celebrate Channukah (Oy)!

Enter: Catering. La Boulange Catering, even better.

We’ve updated our menu, the cute little book got a face-lift, and our party food did, too! Still just as easy to order online, still delivered to my home. Woot! So, I go online to check out what is new and necessary for my upcoming holiday-time par-tay. My menu will be:

mini croque monsieurs, gooey and cheesy and delicious

brioche tea sandwiches

savory puff pastry canapé (think caramelized onion and bacon, oh my!)


parmesan palmiers

I’ll just need to pick a few sweet treats from the list and this little gathering is all wrapped up (in cute packaging). And like I said, delivered in the boulange blue bus. Which gives me a little bit more time to figure out just what Christmas ornament “represents me best.” There are prizes involved, people.