“Thanks, Mom!” Uttered often in acceptance speeches, while holding a statuette.

“Hi, Mom!” Mouthed emphatically in the background behind reporters in crowded, on-location news spots.

“MOM!” Shouted from the top of the stairs, before the words, “do you know where my blue sweater is?!?”

“mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom….” Said by five year olds in department stores, until they are answered, with a usually patient, “what?”

Of all of the many applications of this beloved palindrome, our favorite is, “I love you, Mom.” And so for all of the moms out there who just plain rock, thanks for being fabulously patient and kind…..even after that time when we played with a ball inside and it broke that vase…

Seriously, you’re the butter on our baguette.