Feeling Patchy

We are outfitted and decked out with pumpkins now at all of our Boulanges. After deciding this year that we would do it right and make a day trip to Half Moon Bay’s Art & Pumpkin Festival, we waited through the traffic, hand-picked our pumpkins from the patch, filled the CR-V with hay and gourds and made the delivery rounds. But we didn’t leave without tasting a few pumpkin-inspired creations and checking out the festivities. Here’s a list of things we liked:

1. “Hot Tamales” from the Cougar Boosters of Half Moon Bay. With Mole they were delish!
2. Live country music you could line dance to.
3. People in costumes.
4. Hand Blown glass pumpkins in all different shapes and sizes, made right there in town.
5. The great Pumpkin weigh-off….the winning pumpkin from Iowa weighed in at 1,658 lbs (The farmer who brought it here blew out a tire in Wyoming just to get it to the festival.)
6. Pumpkin Rolls with copious amounts of cream cheese frosting.
7. Everything pumpkin, from pumpkin ice cream to pumpkin mac-n-cheese.
8. And everyone loves a parade.

And after a long day of careful placement of hay bales and figuring out the right big pumpkin to little pumpkin ratio for displaying, a hot apple cider hit the spot as we headed home. So we suggest loading up on your own picks from the patch and letting that festive fall feeling in.